Bachelor ( 3 Years )

(Préregistration form deadline  /04/2017)


For candidates ex EU : Your DAP file (demande d’admission préalable) has to be sent at the University of Evry Val d’Essonne before January, 22nd 2017.
For Candidates EU don’t forget to make your university registration on post bac Website before 20/03/2017 (to be confirmed).


Objective of the Course:


The Objective of the Course is to let students get a starting academic level of knowledge and competency in Jazz and Improvised music while making sure they get the general knowledge, how to use Information and Communication tools as well as musical software.


Concerned persons:


Professional or amateur musician with a high level of practice and theory


Opportunities post graduation:

Studies Organization:


The global body of this three-year course is homogeneously shared between practical, theoretical, cultural and methodological classes.
These course preparing for The Bachelor in musician-performer is planned on 3 consecutive years of 30 calendar weeks shared into 6 semesters.


Opportunities post graduation:


Professional Musician

Access to the French exam D.E. ( Diplôme d’Etat de professeur de Musique)

Access to French National Exams (Capes-IUFM- Aggregation..)
Pursuance of studies at higher levels (Master/Doctorat)

The last two objectives require an additional specification during the course.


Acceptance conditions:


Foreign students can enroll the school if they meet the following requirement:

– Have the DNOP( National Degree of professional musician orientation) or DEM (Music School Degree), Golden Medal, 1st prize in Music and Dramatic Art School or a equivalent diploma from their country
For candidates who don’t have any of these qualifications, they have the possibility to get a dispensation from the school director.

– French Baccalaureate or foreign equivalent diploma from their country

– Explain their motivation to study in France.

– Have the necessary documents to be legally authorized to stay in France (Visa/ Residence permit) for out of European Union Students.

– Prove their sufficient Knowledge in French ( TCF is compulsory)*

*Conditions of admission for foreign students: the can be different according to the country you are from (E.U or ex E.U), please check on Universitu of Evry Val d’Essonne website
– Ex E.U Candidate: Check as soon as possible with the University of Evry Val d’Essonne concerning the DAP programme (demande d’admission préalable).

Application to be sent before January, 22nd 2017.



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