The international dimension in the training is inescapable. That is why the CMDL developed partnerships with some international schools.


If you are a student studying at a conservatoire or a university within the European Union which is a member of the Erasmus programme, CMDL would be delighted to welcome your Erasmus exchange application.

Erasmus + device operates on several key principles

• Continued registration of the student’s home institution

• Free cours registration rights in the host institution

• Recognition of education received abroad in the international curriculum through the ECTS .

To valid your semester , you have to valid 30 ECTS .

Here is the list of the courses available at the CMDL :



hours / week





Ear training









Composition, Arranging



Jazz repertoire Ensemble



Creative and original music Ensemble



World music ensembles



History of Jazz music



Music Technology-studies of the musical software



Studio recording

10h 1st semester


Piano complementary instrument




Look at our Erasmus charter (pdf ) .

Discover our Déclaration en matière de stratégie Erasmus (pdf)


Application procedure


Submitting applications

If your institution does not have a partnership with CMDL, we still may be able to consider your application. If your application is successful we will then sign an agreement with your institution.

Deadline for receiving applications for the ERASMUS Programme is the 15th APRIL


All Erasmus Applications are submitted by email

You will be required to upload scanned PDF files of the following documents:

  • Completed ERASMUS Exchange Application Form Application form (docx)
  • ERASMUS Learning Agreement Learning Agreement (pdf)
  • A cover letter in which he explains his desire to come to study in France.
  • A Curriculum vitae mentioning your previous musical studies (subject/school/year/level/degrees, etc…)
  • Transcript report (last semestere)
  • MP3 or WAV files (20 minutes) for your audition material


UE or EEE Foreign candidate

UE or EEE foreign candidates who are holder or soon-to-be-holder of the French or European Baccalaureate and who want to enroll in a first 2 years of a degree course in a French university must connect to post-bac admission portal
They will need to provide the diploma giving access to higher education in the country they were graduted. It is higly recommended to speak French properly.

Ex UE or EEE Foreign candidate

To study in a French university (1st year of Bachelor degree) non-european students must:
File a request for preliminary admission (DAP procedure) between the 15st of November and the 22nd of January. They also need to proove that they have access to high education in their home country but also have a good level in French language to be able to follow the course

That concerns candidates who do not have French citizenship and who are not holder or soon-to-be-holder of the French , European or International baccalaureate.




Candidate currently living overseas:

Students should apply using ONE of the following procedures:


a) Online application

For candidates living in one of the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Benin, Brazil, Cameroon, Chili, China Colombia, Congo Brazzaville, South Korea, Ivory Coast, U.S.A, Gabon, Guinea, India,, Japan, Lebanon, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritius, Mexico, Pérou, Russia, Senegal, Syria, Taïwan, Tunisia, Turkey, Vietnam.
You must connect to the following website : www.”nameofcountry”  – for example : – and follow the instructions listed.

For more information, visit > prepare for your stay> enroll in higher education.


b) Used the white form (“formulaire blanc”)

If your country is not open to CampusFrance’s CEF procedure, you can receive a hard copy of the form (also known as “dossier blanc”) from the French embassy of your home country.

Download the white form “Dossier blanc” Cerfa n011443*10
Download the white form “Dossier blanc” instructions


This application form and all the requested justifying documents (see documents mentionned in the white form instructions) must be entirely filled and sent to cultural department of the diplomatic office of your living place before January, 31st 2013 latest.

Unless otherwise indicated ( see page 5 of the white form instructions), candidates must pass a charged language test (cost is about 65 euros, and additionnal fees might apply).

Candidate living in France

The candidates who are not French and who are not holder or soon-to-be holder of the French, European or International Baccalaureate but who live in France have to use another form (called ” green file “).


Download the “Green form” Cerfa n°11126*11
Downoad the “Green form” instructions


This application form and all the requested justifying documents (see documents mentionned in the green form instructions) must be entirely filed and sent to first-chosen university before January, 22st 2015 latest.


Unless otherwise indicated ( see page 6 of the white form instructions), candidates must sit for a charged language test (cost is about 65 euros, and additional fees might apply)

Foreign Candidates (Professional Course)

For candidates wanting to enroll the professional course, no diploma is required. Inscription depends on previous auditions results
Classes are taught in French but the teachers can speak english.