Sources of financial aid for foreigners who plan to study in France differ depending on your country of origin. We will mention the main organizations that provide grants.

French government grants

The French government awards a large number of grants annually. The beneficiaries are chosen by the cultural services (services culturels) of French embassies. The selections are made based on specific plans that correspond to cooperative programmes, established according to government priorities and chosen by joint committees.

The duration of your grant depends on your training programme: studies or an internship that you commit to complete during the designated period. Your results (examinations, verifications, teachers’ assessments) directly affect whether your grant is maintained.

No matter their origin, grant candidates must therefore, prior to their departure and with plenty of advance notice, be in direct contact with these services in their home country to obtain all necessary information about the awarding of these grants and the associated dossiers.

Websites of embassies and consulates

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Special programmes

The Excellence-Major programme

This programme allows the top foreign students, in lycées (secondary schools) outside France and following the French curriculum, to access a high level programme of higher education in France.

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Foreign government grants

Some countries provide grants for foreign studies. You can obtain more information from the Education Ministry of your country of origin or from the organization in charge of grants.

Other grants

Numerous institutions (foundations, non-governmental organizations, businesses, etc.) award study grants. For more information about this kind of grant, see the trilingual guide (English, French and Spanish) “STUDY ABROAD”, published by the UNESCO, which covers 145 countries.