(Préregistration form to send us before 31/01/2017)

Objectives of training course

To prepare to the entrance in the « New music and Improvisation » Course
To improve knowledge in Improvisation

Concerned persons 

This program is adressed to professional musicians or proficient amateurs ( at least 7 years old of instrument practice and 18 years old minimum) , or teachers wanting to attend a course in contemporary and improvised music.

Organization of training course

The course lasts 5 days (6 hours a day).
2 Jams session are organised on Wednesday and Thursday


from 3rd to7th April 2017

Acceptance conditions 

18 years old and 7 years of music practice. 

If one of these conditions is not met, you have the possibility to ask for a dispensation. In this case you have to send us the request of dispensation for age limit or an audio file or both.


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