04 FEB – Mardi Jazzy #87 – MOSC

04 FEB – Mardi Jazzy #87 – MOSC

MOSC is a beautiful project of CMDL students, a tasty cocktail of musical universes that only demands to last …

The violinist and composer Alba Obert imagines a very personal fusion music, guided by her taste for jazz, electronic music, hip-hop or even the music of Joe Hisaishi (composer of soundtracks for Hayao Miyazaki films).

Carried by Sylvain Le Ray on keyboards, Nicolas Fleury on bass and Leo Tochon on drums, the energy of his compositions is sometimes close to the edgy atmospheres of Flying Lotus, sometimes the rhythms of Tigran Hamasian.

The use of acoustic and electric instruments makes it possible to create innovative textures and sound materials while retaining a great deal of freedom and improvisation …

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