The period of study is lasting 4 semesters (2 years). However, the student can register for one year and renew the application for the following year.

This program is designed to articulate practical, theoretical, cultural and methodological teachings:

Instrument, sight-reading / Ear training / Rhythm / Harmony / Writing, composition, arrangement / Jazz repertoire ensemble/ Original repertoire ensemble / World music ensemble / Big band / Sound engineering / Musical computing / Studio recording / History of jazz music / Knowledge of the professional environment / Master-class / concerts / …

This program allows you:

  • to take the tests to obtain the MIMA Certificate
  • to take the tests to obtain the DEM
  • to work as a professional musician

No age limit and no diploma needed.

If you use a personal fund to finance your studies, the CMDL gives you financial support by lowering the tuition fees.



 Tuition feesTuition fees if personal fundingScholarship if personal fundingCost if personal funding
First year6000 euros4800 euros4800 euros
Final year6000 euros4800 eurosbetween 2600 and 3500 eurosbetween 1300 and 2200 euros

Le compte personnel de formation

In France, all employees and jobseekers aged 16 and over have since 1 January 2015 a personal training account (CPF). The CPF is part of the compte personnel d’activités (CPA). After opening your CPA, you will be able to choose your training, create and complete your training file, and then apply for funding. To use your DIF/CPF hours, you must apply for financial support. Depending on your case, your financial support may be your employer, your Fongecif or your Opacif, the OPCO (former OPCA) of your company, Pôle emploi or your Region. To create your CPA and access the CPF, visit the new portal / Open since March 2018.



Afdas is the training partner of culture, communication, media and leisure professionals; it is both an Opco, Octa and Opacif for companies and employees in the sector.

Two AFDAS financing solutions are available to you depending on your status:

Le plan de développement des compétences

To benefit from it, you need to :

– have a minimum of 2 years of professional seniority. This is calculated from the first day worked as an intermittent.

– justify 48 gigs during the last 24 months

Congés individuel de formation (CIF)

To benefit from it, you need to :

– Professional seniority of 2 years

– Activity volume of 220 working days or fees spread over the last 2 to 5 years. On these 220 days of work, you must justify: 60 days over the last 24 months or 30 days, over the last 12 months.



Regions are mobilized to help young people to train and facilitate their professional development. Check with your region to find out about the financial schemes put in place.



Aide individuelle à la formation (AIF)

When the existing financing mechanisms cannot take charge of your project, partially or entirely, get closer to your Pôle emploi advisor to see if you can benefit Individual Training Assistance (AIF) which will help to finance the tuition fees.


A reform of financial schemes in France is under way. Those informations may soon change. We will not fail to update them, thank you for your understanding.

Application: End of November 2019

Application deadline: 15 April 2020

Eligibility results to the admission tests: 30 April 2020

Admission tests: May 2020

Results : June 2020



  • 1 ID photo
  • 1 copy of your ID card (both sides)
  • 1 Cover letter
  • 1 Curriculum Vitae
  • 1 RIB (bank details – relevé d’identité bancaire)
  • The links of your video recordings (at least in trio): your interpretation of one of the ten imposed themes and a piece of your choice
  • The scores of the 2 free-choice programs, for the rhythm section (double bass, drums and piano and two scores for the jury), written with a software of musical scores (2 pages max.)
  • 1 online payment will be required, corresponding to the application fee of 70 euros


During the online application, the candidate must indicate a link of a video recording, where he interprets one of the ten imposed themes. The selected candidates to pass the admission tests will then be subjected to the “standard interpretation without score” test. On the D-Day, each candidate will have to interpret, without a score, the piece chosen by the jury, from the list of the 10 themes. It will be accompanied exclusively by the CMDL musicians, without any prior repetition.

  • Anthropology – Charlie Parker
  • Bluesette – Toots Thielemans
  • ESP – Miles Davis
  • Fried Bananas – Dexter Gordon
  • Gentle piece – Kenny Wheeler
  • Here’s that rainy day – Jimmy Van Heusen
  • How deep is the ocean – Irving Berlin
  • Invitation – Kaper / Washington
  • Matrix – Chick Corea
  • Pannonica – Thelonious Monk

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