The courses taught by the host institution are part of the European Credits Transfer System (ECTS). ECTS aims to facilitate the academic recognition of studies abroad. The credit is proportional to the volume of work to be provided by the student and makes it possible to measure the level of studies attained.

– To validate your Erasmus semester, you need 30 ECTS. Here are the courses offered at the CMDL and the corresponding ECTS:

Ear training1h122
Composition - Arranging2h244
Jazz repertoire ensemble1h30183
Creation - composition ensemble1h30183
World music repertoire ensemble1h30153
History of jazz81
Sound engineering - sound system61
Studio recording (2nd semester only)102
Vocal ensemble61
Professional environment61
Conducting an ensemble (if composition - arranging)61
prevention of musculo-skeletal disorders61
Musical residency - master-class183

If your institution has not yet signed an interinstitutional agreement with the CMDL, this must be done in order for your application to be considered. By signing an interinstitutional agreement, the institutions concerned agree to cooperate to exchange students under the Erasmus + program.

If you are a student who is not part of a European country, you must apply for a student visa several weeks before your arrival in France at the consulates of France or the CEF – Centres des études en France – depending on the country. The D visa is mandatory for any stay that exceeds 3 months. It allows to obtain, from your arrival in France the student residence card.

European universities and schools apply a free tuition fee for the student hosted under the Erasmus program.

  • Application deadline:  April 15, 2023
  • Results: June 15, 2023


1 completed Student application form (online)
1 completed Learning agreement
1 cover letter in french or english
1 Curriculum Vitae in french or english
Your transcripts in french or english
1 video recording – jazz performance (2 pieces)

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