« After 18 years of existence, we are proud and happy to note that the CMDL has taken an important place in the landscape of French and European music education. The work we did alongside Didier paid off. Indeed, we regularly meet in different venues (festivals, concerts, clubs …) musicians who belonged to the large family of the CMDL. A large majority of them have become real professionals. Our mission is to continue the work started with our friend Didier. This would have been his most cherished wish as he was eager to share and transmit. »

Chantal Charlier, director
Benoît Sourisse et André Charlier, Artistic directors


During his 44-years career and his 4,000 concerts around the world, Didier Lockwood, has crossed his bow with the greatest musicians of international jazz. This jazz violinist with a unique personality has shared and transmitted his art of improvisation at the CMDL, for more than 18 years. In his memory, the team of the CMDL invests all his energy so that the school continues and develops his work.


The CMDL offers a different, complete and particularly immersive music education. Driven by a genuine desire to transmit and defend jazz and improvised music, the musicians Didier Lockwood, Benoit Sourisse, André Charlier and the director Chantal Charlier, created in 2000 this institution of higher education. Intended to accompany young musicians towards the professional life and to allow professionals already in activity, to develop their career, the CMDL makes every effort to bring students to the level of excellence that demand today this profession.

This school is thought of as a friendly and family place. Each year, the promotion counts about sixty students, selected for their artistic potential, their motivations and their ability to progress. Classes of instruments host between 8 and 10 students and allow teachers to maintain a special relationship with them. Beyond the theoretical and technical lessons of music, the pedagogies put in place focus on revealing the musical identity and the creative potential of each musician.


Professional musician and pedagogue


Between creation, album releases, scenes and tours, the members of the teaching team share in the CMDL the fruit of their experiences with the new generations of musicians. Beyond the traditional role of the teacher, the musicians-pedagogues accompany the students towards the professional life.


Diversity of identities and musical approaches


Over a year, the CMDL invites more than 80 speakers to complete its team of 10 referent teachers. The external speaker then brings own approach according to his path and his sensitivity. In addition the CMDL offers stylistic workshops with expert musicians for an exploration of different musical styles and organizes master-classes with the greatest international musicians.


The CMDL supports its students towards professional life. For this, it offers them about forty paid gigs a year, thanks to partnerships established with jazz clubs, cultural centers, festivals … In addition, the CMDL organize annual events, Big Band’s concerts and concerts at the end of the semester and at the end of the year. Moreover specific lessons are given to future musicians, such as “professional environment”, “recording”, “studio” … The CMDL’s team helps them to set up their projects thanks to advice and methodological resources (administration, production, communication).


The CMDL thanks its educational, institutional, music, civil service partners and federations for their trust and support. Thanks to them, the school can implement and develop its activities every year.


En sa qualité d’établissement d’enseignement supérieur, le CMDL est habilitée à percevoir la taxe d’apprentissage auprès de toutes les entreprises de France. En tant qu’entreprise, vous participez au financement de l’apprentissage et des formations professionnelles et technologiques via la taxe d’apprentissage. Vous avez l’opportunité de guider les opérateurs de compétences (OPCO), en sélectionnant directement l’établissement qui bénéficiera de votre taxe. Nous vous invitons donc à considérer le CMDL comme bénéficiaire de votre versement.    


Pourquoi nous verser votre taxe d’apprentissage?

• Vous contribuerez à l’innovation constante de nos formations et à la qualité des enseignements (organisation de master-class, investissements matériels et humains),

• Vous consoliderez la qualité de l’insertion professionnelle de nos étudiants,

• Vous participerez au maintien de frais de scolarité attractifs, afin de favoriser l’accès à la formation,

• Vous dynamiserez la vie culturelle locale,

• Vous défendrez la pratique artistique et la diffusion du jazz et des musiques improvisées,

• Vous développerez les échanges internationaux et participerez au rayonnement du CMDL en France et à l’étranger.

• Vous témoignerez de votre confiance en notre école et deviendrez un de ses partenaires.


Pour nous reverser votre taxe d’apprentissage, le CMDL est habilité à recevoir la taxe d’apprentissage pour les catégories A et B.

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Nous vous remercions pour votre soutien et votre souhait de voir l’école perdurer et se développer.

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