professional integration


At the end of each year, we like to know what our students and trainees think about their training at the CMDL. Although their year was special because of the pandemic, we interviewed the 2019-2020 class. Here’s a glimpse of how they felt!


“Despite this year’s unique conditions, with the yellow vest strikes and Covid-19, I remain very positive about the content of the training. I didn’t expect to learn so much about writing and harmony, for example. ”


Beyond the pedagogical achievements, this training has brought me a professional revitalization, an opportunity to play often with many different musicians, a form of membership in the collective of musicians, a real network of support and musical sharing, a global opening on the position of the musician in relation to the instrument, its function, its possibilities, its creativity etc.”

Having been able to test for many years different courses in conservatories and professional training, I can say without hesitation that the CMDL remains to this day the best training in jazz and amplified music that I know. The level of the teachers, who are also professional musicians, is enormous, their sense of pedagogy is excellent, their availability outside their classes is highly appreciated. In short, I strongly recommend this school which I certainly intend to redo in the future.


« The CMDL really gives me the feeling of putting the apprentice musician in a state of constant professionalism. »


Great progress due to total immersion. ” »


« Le CMDL me donne vraiment la sensation de mettre en condition l’apprenti musicien dans une forme de professionnalisme constante. »


« Gros progrès dû à une immersion totale. »

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